No Man Is An Island – On Long Island (Iced Tea) Monday

Happy Hour at the Sawgrass Tiki Bar, 4:00-8:00pm. No matter what day it is, it’s a special time because the drink special is always “Buy one & your 2nd drink is FREE”. The price doesn’t change but the rules get bent seriously in your favor when that free drink shows up after every one you buy. MONDAY’S SPECIAL- Long Island Iced Tea! Try the Sawgrass version with an extra shot of raspberry Liqueur at no extra charge, it’s delightful! So why not stop by the Sawgrass Tiki Bar and enjoy a couple today!

Your 2-4-1 Mudslide doesn’t need “MUD”!

As you well know by now, my dears, “Thirsty Thursday” means Mudslides, Buy 1 & your 2nd is FREE, but did you know you can also request different flavored “MUD”? Mud is usually Chocolate Liqueur added to an innocent little White Russian, but “MUD” can also be Mint Chocolate or Caramel Liqueurs as well. Order any of these three “MUDS” and make a Mudslide that is uniquely yours. Now you’ve elevated yourself among the ranks of the likes of “Diamond” Jim Brady and Marlene Dietrich, who once said “It’s the friends you can call up at 4:00 am who matter”. Maybe you agree with her, or maybe you just like your drinks a little… controversiala>

“My Monday lies over at Sawgrass”

You don’t have to be from Long Island to GET YOUR LONG ISLAND ICED TEA ON, 2-4-1! Not on Mondays at the Sawgrass Tiki Bar, where if you mention this online Freebie special, you’ll also be offered a shot of Raspberry Liqueur gratis, making it a genuine SAWGRASS Long Island Iced Tea, AND on Monday, Buy one and your 2nd one is FREE!