TBT Ultimate Bar Guide 2011 Sawgrass Tiki Bar’s 100 oz Margarita

Here it is the 100 oz Margarita. This one was enjoyed by 4 ladies. It took them 2 hours to finish it. The really great thing about this sherbet style margarita is that it has no ice in the mix so when it melts it does not dilute the mixture. Gotta love that… Right here on the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks. OPA!!!

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SAWGRASS TIKI BAR | 100-OZ. MARGARITA                     TBT* Staff Excerpt Taken from TBT On-line
In Print: Friday, August 26,2011  Image by Luis Santana/tbt 

A 100-oz. cocktail is only 28 short of a gallon, which is a bit much by most standards. The Sawgrass Tiki Bar doesn’t care, proudly proclaiming itself the home of the “Famous 100-oz. Margarita.” Challenge accepted! Like many beer and wine-only bars, Sawgrass serves a variety of wine-based drinks meant to simulate the flavor of various spirits. But instead of hiding these in dark corners and speaking of them in hushed tones, Sawgrass proudly displays these on its shelves and offers an extensive cocktail list utilizing these as primary ingredients. Unlike many of these wines, made from oranges and other fruits, the “tequila” is Los Cabos Agave Especial, a 100 percent agave wine which I have to admit goes quite well in a margarita. The 100oz. Margarita (available in smaller 50-oz. increments for the timid) can be ordered in the “Traditional 1948″ variety (rocks, $25) or in frozen form ($50), served from an old soft-serve machine. It’s served in a comically-oversized Margarita glass, complete with elaborate garnish — pineapple wedges, lime, maraschino cherries, and the uncommon and delicious golden kiwi. Although the Margarita is quite drinkable, it’s also surprisingly potent, so bring some friends to split it with. 610 Athens St., Tarpon Springs. (727) 942-4290      www.sawgrasstikibar.com


Create Your Own Story Here at Sawgrass

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