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 I know, I know… we already have great Hookah & Accessory prices. However, it’s time again, when all our patrons get to take advantage of our Hookah Pipes at up to 50% off the original sticker price, only up until Christmas Eve! This year we have a great selection of TWO HOSE Hookahs, all at 50% OFF! Plus plenty of Great tasting new flavours of Shisha (Tobaccos) and all the clever accesories you’ve come to know us for. We also have unused display models, all at 50% off. So hurry down to…Where? Why your favorite Hookah, Kava & Tiki bar, Sawgrass Tiki Bar at 610 Athens St. accross from Mama’s Restaurant, in the heart of the Sponge Docks Harbour! Your Christmas Hookah bargains await, but not for long with these bargains, so come select one for you and your Special person! Then relax with us & your fav beverage as we celebrate our 6th year in business! The 1st 25 Patrons to even MENTION this promotion will receive one of our fabulous, HUGE 2 1/2 oz Holiday shots or KAVA Shots absolutely FREE. But hurry, sale’s only till Christmas Eve, plus supplies are limited at these prices, so they’re bound to go fast, just like last year! See you soon, Friends!

Anti-Anxiety Kava Tea Still Big Draw at Sawgrass Tiki Bar.

It’s been over 3 years since we’ve added Kava Tea to our beverage line up at the Sawgrass and it continues to be popular, despite the initial period of getting used to an organic tea with an earthy & crude taste. Just like at other Kava Bar’s, the tea is gaining popularity because of its calming effects, as well as properties such as:

*Mild Sedation
*Slight Numbing of Mouth, Lips & Tongue
*Moderate Euphoria
* Cheerful Mood
*Immediate & Long-Term Anti-Anxiety Effects

In addition to the above highlights, Kava has some other interesting features, noticed by drinkers and backed by studies in the Lab at the University of Queensland in Australia. First, it’s non-addictive and has no tolerance build-up. In fact, most experience a kind of reverse tolerance, in that the more Kava you drink, the less it takes to get to the desirable effects. Improved focus and other cognitive effects have been noted, and a more restful sleep, in which the user wakes up more stimulated than normally would be the case.

So, to summarize, here’s a natural tea used by island Tribes and peoples of Micronesia, Polynesia & Melanesia for the last 3,000 years that serves as a cultural bond for weddings, special events and as a daily tonic. You can expect, in varying degrees depending on how much and how often you use Kava, to experience calmness, clear-thinking, a sense of well-being, a pleasant mild numbing feeling in the mouth, a more relaxed mind and body, as well as a more sociable, open attitude.

Sounds pretty cool, huh? No wonder our Customers have decided to come back again and again to enjoy one of 3-4 varieties of Kava Tea of varying strength. We choose the Island nation of Vanuatu as our main source of dry Kava root from which to cold-press our hand-made Kava Tea. We also provide dry Kava in 1/4 Kilo’s, weighed out at time of purchase, so folks can make their own tea at home and save money too.

If you haven’t been by to try Kava, pluck up your nerve to get ready for an earthy taste, and expect to experience more benefits, from less Kava Tea, each visit that you have a few (Coconut) shells or bowls. And if you like what you’re experiencing, take some home with you for yourself or someone you know could use it’s anti-anxiety, relaxing attributes.

G’Day to ya!

Create Your Own Story Here at Sawgrass

This is an authentic Story Board commissioned on the Island Nation of Palau. Storyboards were introduced into Palau by Japanese artists during the Japanese occupation of Palau and adapted by the islanders to record their own traditions. The stories that are told on Palau storybaords are usually old Palauan legends or stories from Yap, and other Federated States of Micronesia. The people of Palau are great story tellers and the storyboards are just a natural extension of that talent. Typically made of ironwood that is native to the nation and is chosen because it is long lasting. The construction of the storyboard may take a few weeks. It is skillfully carved and then painted. This one is more than 40 years old and is part of what makes Sawgrass special.

Remember we have Kava from the Island Nation of Vanuatu in Melanesia. More than 50 flavors of Hookah that pair so well with the Kava experience. Hot or cold tea brewed fresh just for you in ingenuiTEA pots.


Friday is White Russian BOGO Day!

Friday’s here at Sawgrass Tiki Bar feature delicious White Russians as our Happy Hour Online Special, and are priced Buy one, get your 2nd One FREE! Just mention that you saw it here on our website to get your HUGE discount. AND… Don’t forget to check the Sawgrass Website to find our other discounts and FREE Giveaways, only online and only for you, our loyal web follower! SeeYa soon!