Island Experience in FLORIDA

Visit Tarpon Springs and make memories that will last a lifetime here on the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks. This is a magical place filled with history, culture, and fun.





Outside Sawgrass Tiki Bar. Just a block from the Sponge Docks.

Drink Kava and Smoke a Hookah or have a 100oz Margarita while you smoke. We are the only place in Florida that gives you all those options. Come experience the Chill…


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About Susan

Susan Bridges has been the one and only longtime partner with Charlie Mackert, In our mission of entertaining friends and patrons through an evolving, innovative Pacific venue, offering an array of unique beverages at affordable prices that allow all to visit again and again, Live entertainment, games, music, local craft beer & wine and Hookah/ pipe/Tobacco goods & services, as well as Kava, Kratom and many other creative and delicious teas have put us in an unclassified class of our own . Many offerings are exotic, having been discovered in our travels abroad together, and brought back to share with our many diverse, educated patrons. Thank you, to so many of you who share our love of the art, beverages, products and practices of other cultures, As a direct result of your support, our Tiki, Kava and Hookah/Shisha Bar has grown into an International Tea House and Cuban Espresso bar, All while keeping our popular Sherbert cocktails and craft Beer on-tap offerings and bottles. Our new, larger venue in the heart of historic downtown St. Petersburg, affords us the room to offer more live performances for your enjoyment & participation. As Creative Director of Sawgrass, Susan will continue to discover and invent delicious, affordable ways to broaden your special experience of our Tiki/Hookah Bar & Tea House. Please stop by soon to see our new location, across from the popular "Taco Bus", on Central Avenue in beautiful, Historic Downtown St. Petersburg. Susan would love to greet you, again, or for the first time, although, should she be there that day, you will probably remember her familiar, attractive face, smiling at all who enter our little world!

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