Mudslide or White Russian, Who Knows the Diff?

Thursday & Friday the Sawgrass Tiki Bar features Mudslides or White Russians as our “Buy one, get your 2nd drink Absolutely FREE”! These are among our most popular AND potent drinks, although they go down more like a delicious coffee or chocolate shake.

What’s the difference you ask? They both have Vodka, Irish Cream & Coffee Liqueurs, shaken, not stirred. However, the mudslide has one extra ingredient… White Chocolate Liqueur! Of course, we can add various other liqueurs ( like amaretto & Caramel) to make creative variations, that’s up to you! Please join us for your choice, and do enjoy the 2-4-1 Specials on Mudslides and White Russians every Thursday and Friday at the Sawgrass Tiki Bar

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