Famous Margaritas

margarita The Sawgrass Famous Margarita
There are secrets inside Sawgrass Tiki Bar’s Margaritas that make this south of the border sensation more than just a cocktail with Mexican flair. The classic Margarita is made with tequila, and the very best tequila is made from the blue Agave plant.
The margaritas at Sawgrass Tiki Bar start with the original Los Cabos Agave Especial, a premium, high alcohol 100% Agave Wine Cordial. The Original 1948 Acapulco secret recipe is used by proprietor Charlie, along with Los Cabos Triple Sec, clear neutral spirits and fresh Key Limes, and finally spinning the mix in a stainless steel cylinder at 32 degrees until the perfect
taste and consistency are achieved. And… not a speck of bland ice to dilute or interrupt your taste buds.
The Sawgrass Famous Margarita is presented in a curvaceous salt-rimmed glass, a perfect translucent light green soft-serve flavor wave, curling above tiny shimmering puddles of 100% Agave and a side slice of fresh Florida lime.
Sit back and chill with your Sawgrass Famous Margarita, and …ENJOY your tropical life!
Sawgrass Tiki Bar is located at 610 Athens Street, in the heart of the Historic Sponge
Docks of Tarpon Springs. This little gem of a Tiki Bar offers a unique South
Pacific ambiance blended with the local Harborside economy. With the fun of
Karaoke every weekend night and a warm welcome from Publicans Susan and Charlie,
you can settle in for light fare and the experience of any one of the many
tropical specialty drinks, including of course, the Sawgrass Famous

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