Kava Time! Time to Relax & enjoy savings: Buy one Kava & your 2nd is half off, all this weekend!.

Our Kava is made fresh daily, sometimes twice daily, depending on the demand You can expect to experience all the feelings and anti-anxiety benefits from our fresh Lateral Root Noble Kava, as well as our sought after “Freeze-Dried” Instant Kava Powder. The Instant Kava is great to take home and make as necessary, and drink on those days when you could use a little something to relax. Also, drink 2-3 of these strong Kava concoctions, and you will aggressively fight off any anxiety, anger or paranoia that you may presently be experiencing. It just takes a few minutes, for this mystical root from the black pepper family, to break the back of any unwanted anxiousness, and we offer it in higher concentrations at lower prices than on-line sources (or local), and without shipping charges either. Stop by this weekend for a special offer: Buy one Kava and your second one is half price. Have a stress free day!

Our Sunday BOGO: The Traditional White Russian. Strong, My Friends!

Sunday (3/9/14) Sawgrass Tiki Bar features BOGO White Russians from 3 to 7 pm That’s buy one, get one FREE White Russians for 4 hours straight, so come and get yours! Thats Vodka, Irish Creme & Coffee Liqueur, shaken, not stirred! Of course we still offer Hookah with many delicious new flavors, like “Berry Blast”, “Voltage” & “Surfer on Acid”, among many others. But what would Sunday be without a special free offering as well to go with the fun? Come get your Sunday BOGO and let the good times roll!

Dogs are the Best!

What can be better than the company of doogies?

We at Sawgrass Tiki Bar wish to thank our many Pub patrons who stop by often to have a cold beverage and share their important friends and family members with us. Of course we aver to the lovely dogs they call their companions and more. We welcome any dogs who love other dogs, anytime from open until 730ish pm, evrry day of the week. Please do share the love with your pet & we will have treets and water for them as a small tokenm of our love for them, Our Boston Terrier, Roosevelt, will surely be an excited host! Bless you all and look forward to seeing you again!